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Working with words using the book format

Writing  has always been an activity which has been part of my creative outlet . Using book art as a vehicle for both written and visual  endeavours is a combination that continues to both motivate and inspire me  .

Hey Diddle Diddle

A book that is filled with childhood

stories along with hand cut lino prints

and cuts outs .

The stories recall familiar everyday occurrences such as the arrival of the fruit and veg man or the weekly delivery by the corona man

The  cut outs  allows for the text  to be glimpsed at when turning pages

for web.jpg

The original Hey Diddle Diddle book was photographed and the images made into small concertina books , a set of which is in the Book arts collection in Tate Britian 

for web.jpg

Tying up loose ends

Tying up loose ends is an example of form and content working together . The text is autobiographical in nature and reflects a period in my teenage years .

tying up loosed ends 1.jpg
tying up loose ends2.jpg
tying up loose ends 3.jpg

A part ( Apart)

Made in response to the theme of ‘Secrets and lies’ from Sandy Gallery in Portland US .

A fictional  account based  on autobiographical details   .

The two stories  are Inextricably entwined  and overlap .

The format of the book emphasises this  allowing the pages to fall and overlap when moved .

The secondary theme of A part ( apart ) also adds another layer of meaning .

wix web 1.jpg
wix web 2.jpg
wix web3.jpg
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