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Working with sound using the book format 

 Most of us take for granted the sounds that surround us every day or perhaps don't take the time to listen to the variety of noises that fill our world .Sound has always been my way of anchoring myself to the present , being aware of location and  myself within it .

Monts book

Mont’s book was made in tribute  to a beloved and  extremely vocal cat  and contains the  cut out sounds of his constant chattering and vocalisations .

The original Mont’s Book is in the Book arts collection at Tate Britain

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Rain was made in response to a sudden summer downpour .  

The sounds of rain were handcut from thin bible paper thus allowing the piece , when hung to move with the slightest breeze.

rain 1 a.jpg
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Sound Chimney

Made in response to the sounds that found their way down the chimney .One side represents the sound of the wind and the other side is the beautiful sound that a pair of  collard doves made whilst sitting  on top of the chimney .

The sounds were hand cut from commercially  hand pressed paper in the form of a chimney

Displays of chimneys at exhibitions have given rise to impromtu performances as viewers wish to recreate the sounds !

Martin 2A Chimney Jpeg.jpg

Copies of  Sound Chimney are in collections ;

Sallie Bingham Centre for Women’s History & Culture, Perkins library of Duke University U.S.A

 Private Collector Rhode Island U.S.A

 Private Collector New Hampshire U.S.A

 Private collector London

Owl sounds

The haunting sounds of a resident owl in a familiar repetitive pattern

owl sound 2.jpg

Sound nest

Sounds that are often heard coming from birds nests in the spring .

A multi layered , complex assortment of sound that alerts whoever is in hearing distance to the location .

Each ring of paper has been hand  cut with a different sound .

Each time the  sound nest is assembled it forms a new pattern .

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