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Altered books

Altered books are a creative way to recycle old books and create a unique piece of art

Paris in the 1920's with Kiki de Montparnasse

This book was part of a project organised by UWE  and now resides in a private collection .

The image of the parrot was inspired by Enid Blyton books that ,of course ,had Kiki the parrot as one of the protagonists.

It seemed fitting that the image of a  parrot  would reflect the content of this book and the flamboyant Paris of the 1920’s

kiki web2.jpg

Everyday birds

An old small book about everyday birds destined to be shredded was changed by gluing  chapter pages together and  then  hand cutting the sound calls from the individual birds featured  .

The book was exhibited  at the Abecederian gallery in Denver U.S before being bought by a private collector in Montana

RE; full book.jpg

 Native British Wildflowers

.A small discarded hardback book  about British native wildflowers was given a new lease of life when used as a vehicle to describe our ever decreasing insect population.

native wldflowers 1.jpg

Secret codes

Though technically not an altered book , Secret codes was made in response to the sketchbook project where the artist is given a very specific size , format and theme .

Secret codes enabled me to again to  highlight one of the codes we hear

every day ;birdsong

  The sketch book project here

Secret codes 5.jpg
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