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Loosely based on  the brooding Dartmoor landscape, these 3 prints were made in response to the yearly exhibition by staff at Exeter college

The plates are carborundum collagraphs .

Each  inking and printing of the plates produces a uniquely different print from the previous one , making an edition highly improbable .

wix web 1.jpg
wix web 3.jpg
wix web 2.jpg


Tree Seeds 
An exploration of the shapes and textures found in our native tree seeds , some will be very familiar others not so . Each tree seed is a unique hand crafted plate that can then be inked and combined with others in  differing combinations   


Going round in circles 

A series of monoprints on the theme of going round in circles , loosely based on both tree rings and the decision making process i was going through at the time  !

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